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Decentralized Community Investment Protocol launches the full dApp

Mike van Rijsingen


Announcement • September 20, 2021

So hey guys! It has been a while since we have provided you some updates about our development.

The development team has been working around the clock last quarter to finish our dApp. Our initial deployed voting contracted didn't fulfill all our needs so we had to rewrite it to a more stable approach, the thing is with deploying stuff in the blockchain, they are irreversible. After weeks of testing on the backend, we concluded that we are satisfied with the results and that our design team could start with the rest of the dApp. Our design team has done an amazing job, personally, I was amazed by the sketches of the UI when the design team presented them. The real results are even more stunning. Check it for yourself!

It can now be viewed at:

The official release of the dApp will be on: Friday the 1st of October 9PM CET